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Re: The Department of Temporal Investigations.

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Why can't we include non-canonical information?
You were stating non-canonical information in a matter of factly way as if it is canon, which is not accurate.
Um, I labeled my sources for DTI info very clearly. No one looking at it would think, "Oh, he's citing something from a Strange New Worlds story as though it was from the episode."

Any poster here could make up their own explanation for DTI or anything else, and it would be equally valid to what any non-canonical information claims about DTI.
No, because none of the info made up by those posters would have been approved by CBS/Paramount, which everything that appears in a Trek novel must be.

While it's true that non-canonical info can be contradicted by later canonical sources, that doesn't mean anything. Some non-canonical info from the novels, such as Sulu's first name, have been added to the canon, for instance, and often canonical info can be contradicted by later canonical sources, too. The only difference between a canonical and non-canonical source is that the non-canonical source must be consistent with all extant canonical sources, while new canonical sources can contradict both non-canonical sources and previous canonical sources with impunity.
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