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Re: The Department of Temporal Investigations.

DS9forever wrote: View Post
Since we are unlikely to ever see the 24th century again, the novels should be considered canon.

Sci wrote: View Post
At least one Strange New Worlds story established that DTI maintains a sophisticated computer network that utilizes chroniton radiation to shield the records from changes in the timeline, with which DTI agents detect time travel and then correct it.
I don't really seeing them monitoring or correcting anything. I see them more plausibly as a branch of whatever the Federation equivalent of the FBI is that investigates any Starfleet officer or civilian involved in time travel (hopefully few and far between) to determine (1) what changes resulted from it and (2) whether the involved personnel should be the subject of a court-martial.

NCC-1701 wrote: View Post
What I tried to say is that it was merely meant as a joke by the writers. There didn't really went much thought into that beyond "let's invent this agency as a plot point for our story and get a few laughs out of those two agents". (Which worked magnificently, if you ask me.)
I agree that they probably didn't put much deep thought into it at the time. Their names were Dulmer and Lucsly, after all.

In my opinion it were Voyager and later Enterprise (not Deep Space Nine) who, with their invention of the Temporal Integrity Commission, took the real life implications of time travel way too seriously. If time travel really was possible, I very much doubt there would be any such agency.
...which ultimately calls into question the IMO rather unrealistic over-depiction of time travel in 'Star Trek' where such an agency can exist.

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