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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

What do you reckon to ENG's new home kit ???

At first I was a little WTF but it grew on me and I like the older style shirt even if it reminds me of the polo shirts you wore in P.E at school . Love the blue badge and red writing though no way is it worth 30-40 pounds you can tell by looking at it though I bet material will last longer than crap the home kits are normally done by being a different kind of shirt.

As for them the match apart from 15 dodgy minutes and the bad joke that was our strikers being getting injured, it was a good if not easy performance. Lennon shown potential, while Beckham proved how good he really still is by setting up Rooney and almost Crouch (stupid Terry). I know Fabio will want to have Downing in just to have balance of one left footer for the 4 wingers but come on hes not good enough, I would rather see Becks, Walcott and then 2 of J.Cole, Lennon and Young.

Rooney and Gerrard linked up very well and along with Becks were the best on the pitch but a pity we didn't see Baines or see Slovakia test Foster more. Its nice to know Upson gives you quality cover at the back now because with Kings injuries since 2006, we have not had that cover to call on. Johnson played better than I thought but I still think Richards in the long run will make a better right back.

My guess for Wed is 2-1 win and hopefully we will see Gerrard back in middle with Lennon and Becks on wing but lets face it won;t happen cause me & Fabio dis-agree on starting XI's all time. At least if Heskey is out Crouch looked good again in a ENG shirt...

Terry got 50th cap (overshadowed by Becks 109 congrats BECK's) and Rooney is now 21 goals in 49 caps (looking much better these days than when it was 14 in 42)...Rooney reached that mark of 21 goals in 1 game less than Owen did.
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