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Re: Long-Winded Treknology: The Original Series


Thanks for dropping by and contributing. I'll work up a response in a day or two, and recreate some version of my zapped post from the other thread. Perhaps I should bundle that in here.



When given the opportunity to acknowledge information what is my characteristic response? Its like waving a red flag before a bull!

If I'm wrong, I'll be very glad to find out about it. I would hope Dave feels the same. My contention has been that everyone has been "in the right", just using different, contradictory information. I'm not entirely content with leaving things simply at "I'm wrong, and my sources are wrong". That may be the case, but I would like to see that clearly demonstrated. Putting the argument on that footing leads me towards a similar, knee-jerk response -- which I will do my best to resist. My main concern is that the discussion be conducted in a reasonable manner, and nobody gets too frustrated. But I expect it will be a very frustrating business.
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