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Re: The Department of Temporal Investigations.

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What is it?
It was a joke for the DS9 episode Trials And Tribble-ations. And nothing more.
It wasn't presented in the episode as a joke in the Universe itself. Rather, it was presented as a real agency that actually exists in the Trek Universe.
Well duh, really? I know that much. What I tried to say is that it was merely meant as a joke by the writers. There didn't really went much thought into that beyond "let's invent this angency as a plot point for our story and get a few laughs out of those two agents". (Which worked magnificently, if you ask me.)

In my opinion it were Voyager and later Enterprise (not Deep Space Nine) who, with their invention of the Temporal Integrity Commission, took the real life implications of time travel way too seriously. If time travel really was possible, I very much doubt there would be any such agency.
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