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Was the "spray and wear" clothing part of GR's concept for Phase II?
"The same distinction between Earth and space-faring lifestyle will apply to clothing. Style and material of space uniforms and working clothes will be functional and professional, suited to the occupation of the wearer.

For all we know, there may be very new types of clothing in the world of the future. Rather than using the really archaic, bothersome clothing that we are accustomed to, requiring change, cleaning, pressing, mending, tailoring, buttoning, zippering, and so on, future folks will have non-reusable clothing that is recycled after each use through total breakdown into its constituent elements by that great innovation of the future: the fusion torch.

Even better, many future people will carry nothing but a belt. But what a belt!

This small device contains a rechargeable power source, a tiny microprocessor/computer, a force field generator, and a selector keyboard that allows almost infinite settings. By punching up coded combinations, the power belt wearer dresses by establishing fabrics if force fields around his or her body: selectively skintight or flowing, opaque or transparent, any desired texture, cut, fashion, size, shape, color and hue. The garment never needs cleaning, and its wearer can get undressed at the push of a button (no mess of discarded clothes), has no recycling problems, and can change attire at the flick of a finger. Of course, a safety switch protects against accidental exposure (and practical jokes aimed at attractive wearers). On the other hand, seduction intentions will never again be frustrated by stuck zippers or lengthy disrobings.

With power belts like this, it will be quite a widespread custom (are you ready?) for office girls to change from office attire to after-work topless by pressing a button, in order to signal that they are going off duty. (For office boys, other and even stranger customs will prevail.) Naturally, there will be a flourishing fashion industry selling pushbutton code combination for new and popular styles."
- The 23rd Century: A Vision for Star Trek by Jesco von Puttkamer (1976).

You know, it just occurred to me that JvP's "forcefield couture" would be rather easy to depict with modern CGI.

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