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Re: Long-Winded Treknology: The Original Series

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The one thing I think I'm not particularly clear on, and perhaps you aren't yourself at this point, is whether you plan to treat these separate phases as the evolution of the ship over time, or conclude that the final 'phase' chronologically (I suppose that would be the 11-footer's lit form) is what the ship 'really' looked like?
Actually, for the deck plans I haven't really decided.

I think people who have done the 11 foot model are doing it backwards (and doing everyone a disservice by not doing the model as is or as was) by starting with the series (or later) version. But then again, I'm attempting to document the model itself at this point and not the fictional starship it played on TV.

With the deck plans, because I plan on making their major elements open for anyone to use, I'll most likely do some of the work with the series version in mind. But I'm not limiting myself to that. After all, plans are usually of a ship being built or undergoing major modification.

But in the end, the main question has always been... Jefferies drew up plans of the Enterprise, which included deck heights that matched the sets that were used. Could what we saw on screen work? If it doesn't, I'm sure that major holes would have shown up by now.

I think that if Whorfin is going to do comparative analysis between plans, a strict definition of scale should be set out. For example, overall length is the single worst measurement to work from because the major elements being misaligned will radically throw everything else out of sorts.

The radius of the primary hull is a good choice (and the one I generally use), but the plans (which represented a 417 foot wide primary hull) were 15 inches across, and the 11 foot model was supposed to be four times that (at 60 inches). The actual model is 59.25 inches. So is the 11 foot model's primary hull supposed to be 417 feet across or about 412 feet across?

See, if the 59.25 inches represents 417 feet, then the 11 foot model is actually representing a 943 foot long ship. If it is 412, then we are talking about a length of 932 feet.

We could use the secondary hull length (at 340 feet), which gives us a length of 930 feet (which is starting to make the 412 foot primary hull look right).

How about the warp nacelles? At 504 feet, that would make the ship 935 feet in length.

The major elements seem to be pointing towards a ship who's length is between 930 to 935 feet (averaging about 932 feet). That is not 947 feet, which in turn is why the overall length is the worst number to work from when studying the 11 foot model.
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