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Re: Most Obnoxious: Neelix or Phlox?

I almost think Phillips was too smart of an actor not to have done so on purpose.

It may have gone something like this:

*EP reads the 'Caretaker' script*

EP: "I'm dating a two-year-old?? My character must be a pedophile."
Director: "Um, no, Ethan, she's fully grown."
EP: "A fully grown two-year-old? You sick freaks."
Writer: "Ethan, I don't think you understand..."
EP: "Ohhh, I understand all too well!!"
Director: "Ethan, Neelix isn't a pedophile."
EP: "Have you read this script? Yes, he is."
Writer: "FINE! Do what you want."
EP: (mumbles) "Stupid writers trying to pull a fast one on me."

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