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Re: Long-Winded Treknology: The Original Series

Whorfin and Shaw, you both need a sig like JuanBolio's indicating that those reading your posts should feel smarter for having read them. It happens to me every time.

Shaw, I guess I'm not the specific one to answer your question, but personally I have definitely seen and understood that what you have shown is a work in progress, working through the different 'phases' as they were developed for the show.

The one thing I think I'm not particularly clear on, and perhaps you aren't yourself at this point, is whether you plan to treat these separate phases as the evolution of the ship over time, or conclude that the final 'phase' chronologically (I suppose that would be the 11-footer's lit form) is what the ship 'really' looked like?

Whorfin, I would recommend acknowledging Shaw's information regarding the window placement issues when going into this further, and therefore perhaps not feel limited by the window placement itself.
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