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Re: "She can still outrun us, and outgun us."

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^, that Surya is a beautiful design.
I agree. The one thing I might change is to actually have the pylons intersect the hull edge as on the Reliant to make a presumed 'refit' seem less... refit.

Then again, from TOS to TMP the Enterprise pylon root location moved too, so it's not a big deal.

That cut Sulu scene from TWOK would've been nice.
Also agreed. What's funny is, IIRC the way George delivered it, he was afraid they would cut it so he tried to keep talking so fast they wouldn't want to cut it. When you watch the scene in the travel pod and he's saying 'Any chance to go aboard the Enterpise--' and appears to be cut off in mid-sentence? Well, apparently he was.

I wonder if Chekov lived to meet Geordi & O'Brien?
Well, according to the novels Uhura lived long enough to meet Sisko. (She became head of Starfleet Intelligence.) Not sure about Chekov.

It seems only 1701's, & maybe a few others, get A, B, C, D, E,....J entc ent al.
There was an unofficial rule sort of like the rule about even numbers of warp engines (and it may have well been 'imposed' by Roddenberry himself) that the Enterprise should be the only ship to have that distinction.

Technically, we've seen a canon violation of that - in 'Where Silence Has Lease' Riker gives the Yamato's registry as NCC-1305-E but it was later 'corrected' to NCC-71807 in 'Contagion.' Technically, the former was an alien reproduction and the latter the 'real' ship, but still. Read more here.
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