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Re: Cardassian regional clothing--the ruviyal of Nevot


Hehe... the character in my avatar is kind of a "screen test" for me... I'm working on a new Trek story, with a Cardassian Starfleet Captain, named Goren Jetal. I was curious how a Cardassian would look in command red, and I found that image.

I like what you're doing, design-wise. Personally, in my own works where I feature the Cardassians, I go with a more persian influence, as if it were Iran or Turkey, or India, on another world. DS9 certainly hinted towards an asian influence to the women's fashion... most notably, the hairstyles.

The Cardassians have always been my favorite humanoid Trek race. My all-around favorite being the Tholians. One thing I might offer...

In my "Star Trek: Entomalians" story, I created a new term for the leader of the Cardassian Union, because I was sick of them using the term Leggate for seemingly everything. So, in my story, the leader of the Cardassian Union is called a Prelek, and the character in my story was Prelek Joret Getal. If you feel that you would also like an alternative to Leggate, please do feel free to use Prelek, with my blessing.

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