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Re: Anybody want books/additional media about life on "Earth?"

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Yes, because if there's one thing that'll protect the Colonials from lung diseases, its building a city and recreating a technological society on an uninhabited planet. Except for how, that time they did build a city and attempt to recreate a technological society, Sam Anders almost died of pneumonia.

I would've actually let that one slide if you stuck with malaria, but it was just too tempting a callback.
How about medications and hospitals help cure diseases? I think that's a simple enough point. They specifically mentioned that folks were left with "only the clothes on their backs". Even if they carried a short supply of meds, without manufacturing technology, they would be out in a short span of time.
These would be the same medicines they ran out of on New Caprica, despite their magnificent city, right?
I have a feeling that their circumstances on New Caprica were as much a result of being on a resource-less shithole with a numbnut leading their government. Could the same thing happen on New Earth? Sure, if all the stars line up (or "God makes it happen" ). But they would be giving themselves the best possible chance by trying rather than saying "eh...fuck it."

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Yeah... too bad they already used up whatever city-building equipment they had (which was, what exactly? some tons of scaffolding and tarpaulin?) on that planet, and left it there on their way out.
I think that stuff was made up of parts of ships they took apart. Building a city wasn't going to be easy for sure but nuEarth had more resources that New Caprica did and half the fleet wasn't running away anymore. They could completely focus themselves on re-building. It might have taken a hundred years to even get to 10% of where they were on Caprica but it'd be better than nothing.
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