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Re: Wolverine And The X-Men - anyone watching?

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Yeah, why is that?
If you're talking about Evo...back when the show was cancelled, the way it was done raised a few eyebrows. No one but the producers and the studio know ALL the details, and none of them are talking (publicly). I've heard that the producers tried REALLY hard to get an S5, but they just got stonewalled.

I know that they HAD a S5 planned out (at least the arc) that supposedly dealt 1) with the fallout from Apocalypse's attack and 2) the Evo-vese's Phoenix and Dark Phoenix Saga. Some variant of DoFP might've been in the mix or it might not have (though the imagery in the final ep of S4 with all the Sentinels suggests they were thinking about it).

But the studio told them pretty much to "wrap it...right here and right NOW". It could be as simple as that Evo is a Marvel product, and WB is the home of DC. It also could have been that they had 4 seasons, and that's about as long as WB lets their shows run.
That's too bad because at that point the show was really starting to pick up a strong momentum.
To borrow a phrase: "So say we all!"

Evo fans have found getting dvds out of WB to be like pulling teeth from a chicken. We yelled, screamed, and offered up virgin sacrifices (fortunately we had a plentiful supply, being superhero fans ) for over a year and a half to get the S3 set.

Since then, there have been multiple "logical opportunities" to get S4 out there, but WBs attitude seems to be: "F*** Off!"
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