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Re: Wolverine And The X-Men - anyone watching?

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Will there be a complete season set at a later date or do I have to get all these damn penny-ante releases? I got screwed on this with the recent Fantastic Four cartoon. I bought all the individual releases, THEN they released the complete series set which had 9 episodes unreleased previously but I wasn't about to shell out 30 bucks just to see 9 episodes!
The pattern nowdays seems to be to release a "sampler" dvd early then a season set latter on. If for some reason the sampler "tanks", they can simply cancel the season set.

I don't expect that to happen though, X-men is a good seller on video. The only time there's been a problem is with Warner Brothers and X-men Evo (stupid frakkers STILL won't release S4).
Yeah, why is that?
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