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Re: Terminator 2-20 "To the Lighthouse" - Discuss/Grade <SPO>

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I wonder if if Cam is anatomically correct and fully functional....
Yes. The Terminators on TSCC have been said to be anatomically correct and fully functional. In Season One Vick had sex with his protectee.
Complete with artifical fluid? I bet Cam can really fake the big O. In theory woulnd't robots be bad at things like sex. They woudn't eever grasp the suddleties of it.
In the novel T2: Rising Storm a human/terminator hybrid engaged in a physical relationship with the man who would program Skynet in that timeline. Her chip often regulated her actions during sex and terminated her emotional responses - i.e. orgasms. She had to negotiate with her chip to allow her to experience even minor emotions because the man was becoming concerned that she never had any reaction to him.
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