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Re: Cardassian regional clothing--the ruviyal of Nevot

Now that's funny--I can't help noticing your avatar, which is the very same guy I'm drawing! (Though of course the likeness is a challenge in this case since all we have from the series is a blurry profile shot!)

For my own version of the Cardassian aesthetic, I've drawn a lot from Asian/Indian sources. I think for me, when I see some of the styles in-series (especially the women's hair), it evokes Asia. For this in particular, I was looking at the Chinese hanfu style of dress (such as this). But all of it goes through this kind of Art Deco filter to give it a more specifically Cardassian look.

There's another drawing--though it's got a LOT of errors in it and I'll eventually have to redo it--where I drew the clothing of the region of Hăzăk, where Macet and Daro are from in my stories, and I based it on the sherwani suit of India...kind of like this. (Though I had to do a LOT of adapting to make it work in the neck region!)

I'll certainly keep you updated as I work on this more.
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