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Cardassian regional clothing--the ruviyal of Nevot

This is just a WIP so far, but it will give you an idea of what the Nevotda ruviyal looks like, as described in "The Exile." This is a man's traditional dress for the region of Nevot. In the main Sigils and Unions universe, this (and other regions' traditions) is rarely seen except on very special occasions in Nevot, because of the cultural homogenization resulting from totalitarian rule.

In the Catacombs of Oralius sub-universe, there's much more appreciation for the diverse traditions of various Cardassian regions. Up until the Occupation, there was a thriving trade in fashions between regions, and occasions where (for instance) Nevotda dress might become popular in Rivšal, or on a certain colony world.

I've tried to keep a recognizably "Cardassian" aesthetic, but allow much more regional flavor than we ever got to see in canon. My inspiration was the traditional clothing of the Han Chinese.

In my continuity, Nevot is the region where Dr. Istep, Glinn Va'Kust, and Legate Broca come from. But Broca, of course, is NOWHERE near cool enough for THIS. Istep would definitely be cool enough...but I don't want the chance of my boss figuring out he's the template for the character's looks! And Va'Kust...he's definitely cool, but the fit would be a real challenge because he's built like a tank!

I wanted to make sure I scanned in the lineart before I started doing anything with colored pencils, so that way I'll have a record of what I did in case I frak anything up.

As I do the colored pencil work, I expect some of the extreme contrast with the lineart to go away, so the effect will become rather more subtle.

(Oh, and from a real-life perspective, how I LOVE the Cardassian aesthetic--it lets my love for Art Deco really come out to play.

Oh...and the scanner ate the lovely, subtle light grey of the paper I'm using. )
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