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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Meld (****)

It is hard to believe that this episode is in the same series as Threshold, but the idea that it is the very next episode is astonishing. A fascinating exploration of Tuvok and the mind of a serial killer, this episode also deals with one of the issues I wanted explored on this series; what exactly happens to criminals aboard a ship stranded 70 years from home.

Tuvok hasn't stood out for me as a character yet and this episode shows me just how great he can be, as well as how good an actor Tim Russ is. Another great aspect of this episode is Suder who isn't just some evil serial killer, he is clearly psychotic but he also seems like a nice guy... a nice guy who would be willing to bludgeon you with a metal bar if you met him at the wrong time. Strangely believable. In the beginning I feared this would be a typical investigation episode, but only 10 minutes in the murder is solved and Suder is very frank in his confession. Good stuff.

There is also a b-story involving Paris running a betting pool which doesn't really mesh that well with the Tuvok story, but I know that this was part of a hidden arc which leads to Paris leaving the crew so I can forgive this because it shows the producers were planning ahead.
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