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Re: Trek Tabletop RPG Experiences

My gaming group never tried any of the formal licensed Trek RPGs, but we did play around with an extensive homebrew that involved a mash-up setting with Star Trek, Star Wars, and classic BSG elements. The best part of that game was the rules we came up with for convincing the DM that something would if it wasn't a straight-forward yay or nay chance - you could bribe, bluff, sweettalk, harass, or offer an impressive and/or believable explanation for how it worked or how it looked cinematically. It was totally off the cuff, but worked pretty well and was a lot of fun for a few sessions.

I've sometimes thought it might be a neat campaign to have players provide character concepts for their Trek-based away team members, help them stat them up in D20 (3.5E-type) style with some basic Trek equipment, and then have their team pass through an ion storm on the way down to the planet and end up taking a tour of various fantasy RPG settings (Ravenloft, Faerun, Spelljammer, etc) looking for a way to get home.
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