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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

Here's my full cast list, for the most part.

Akaar - Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" - Seen this one from the beginning. Aged makeup and a commanding voice, I think he'd play this part well.
Treir - Halle Berry - not that she would ever play this sort of supporting role... nevertheless, she's who I see playing it.
Elias Vaughn - Sir Ian McKellen - This one has been open to the most debate. So many people have said Sean Connery-- but I don't see him succeeding at this role. Elias Vaughn has kind, gentle eyes-- it is a perfect role for McKellen.
Phillipa Mathias - Zoe Wanamaker - Not sure why. Spunky, strong character I think Wanamaker would do a nice job.
Thirishar ch'Than - Elijah Wood - Another open to debate.. given the right makeup, I think Wood would really execute the role of an emotionally complicated Andoran.
Yevir Linjarin - Hugo Weaving - Cast a better Yevir. You hate him, but you have to love him.
Prynn Tenmei - Grace Park - Sort of a cop out, but I think she'd play it well.
Taran'atar - (voiced by) Kelsey Grammer - I was actually surprised to find that other people also thought this... must be a remnent of his excellent job in X-Men. Physically, though, I don't see Kelsey Grammar playing the role-- just voicing it.
Sam Bowers - Don Franklin - Was in 7-days. Pretty light role, but would be good for Franklin.
Ethan Locken - Paul Bettany - Hah! It was fun reading the Section 31 bits picturing Bettany as Locken. These were great lines to interpret.
Wex - Evanna Lynch - The way she played Luna in Harry Potter would work well with this part.
Zin Dezavrim - Nathan Fillion - I can't deny it. This particular book was Firefly reborn for me.
Facity Sleedow - Morena Baccarin
Azeni Korena - Kandyse McClure - Treat her well, Jake.
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