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Re: Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes Questions

Another update:

In anticipation of the animated episodes, we will be posting some 'extra features' every Monday until the episodes are released.

Go to the animated web site at and choose Extras from the menu. There, you will find a sub-menu with Teasers, DVD Extras, and Images. Under Images you will find our first releases...Desktop wallpaper and autograph-worthy images for your use.

I recommend collecting them all! At most drug stores you can print these out in glossy picture format. This will allow you to bring them to conventions to have your favorite Farragut actor sign them. How long before these show up on eBay???

Next week we will have more of these extra items available, so visit the web site often.

Next week will be DVD covers, and then the week after that a possible trailer for Power Source!
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