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Re: Lost 5x10: "He's Our You"

Above average. Although, not quite as solidly above average as the previous episodes. Still, an enjoyable hour of TV.

Sawyer right now is mainly interested in using his conman skills to maintain the status quo, his lifestyle in the community. That was set up before, although some doubted that was his main motivation. I think it's clear now that it is, and it'll obviously lead to conflict down the road. They're drawing up the lines now. I'm not sure about this plot thread. Seems like it could be make work to generate plot without necessarily moving things forward. But, we'll see. So far so good, it depends how far they go with this.

As no doubt has been mentioned (but I haven't read the thread yet), the most hilarious part was Sayid telling the absolute truth but the whacko thinking he used too much truth serum!

Young Ben can't be dead can he?! Are they setting up a paradox? Or is young Ben not fatally wounded? That would seem to be a bit of a copout at this point. We'll see!

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