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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

Sci wrote: View Post
So, I've just decided that if they should ever cast Velisa, host of Illuminating the City of Light in Articles of the Federation and A Singular Destiny, Rachel Maddow should play her.
I had no awareness of the magnificent Ms. Maddow when I wrote Articles in 2004, but that works for me.

The Borgified Corpse wrote: View Post
I just started reading "A Singular Destiny" and I've been picturing Bruce Davison as Professor Sonek Pran.
As I've said here and elsewhere, the template for Pran is Arlo Guthrie. Having said that, Davison's not a bad choice at all...

Ayelbourne wrote: View Post
Nan Bacco: I can't help but picture future Admiral Janeway from Voyagers "Endgame"
Agreed. At least, that's who I see whenever I'm reminded of how old she is.

I agree about Helfer as Treir.
Given that Helfer has played, in essence, six or seven different roles on Battlestar Galactica, I'm sure she could pull it off.... FWIW, though, the template for Treir has always been Suzie Plakson.

As for Bowers, I'm surprised too. But then, for a while, I thought Sam Bowers was a woman. And in the bits I've been reading from "A Singular Destiny," I've been picturing Lt. Carey from Voyager.
He is, in fact, black, and has been described as such regularly. Initially, when I wrote Bowers in Demons of Air and Darkness, my template for him was Michael Boatman, but by the time I got to write him again in ASD, I had come around to Mr. Mack's notion of him being Roger Cross.
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