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Re: "She can still outrun us, and outgun us."

TWOK's PTB got the Miranda Class from Josef's TM.
Umm, what?

There's no Miranda class in that Tech Manual. There are only five ship classes depicted - Saladin, Hermes, Ptolemy, Constitution and Federation. In addition, there are starship names listed next to these pictures, in multiple batches. Some fans take these batches to mean subtle variants of the ships depicted on the adjoining page, while others assume that the batches refer to completely dissimilar-looking starship classes that merely happen to fill the same function (say, all the batches listed on the page next to the Saladin picture would be destroyers, but they needn't look like the Saladin at all).

The class name Miranda first pops up in the ST Chronology by the Okudas and Mirek, but supposedly it had been bandied about already back when the Reliant was designed for ST2. OTOH, the name Reliant was coined up long before this "villain ship" was actually designed - the older scrip versions essentially call for the Reliant to look like Kirk's TOS ship, as opposed to his TMP-modified one. Which just goes to show that the writers didn't consider FJ's old Tech Manual here, since the book doesn't feature a cruiser named Reliant among its list of names...

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