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Re: Cobra Commander revealed (SPOILERS)

Wow. I wonder if Paramount can change their minds at the last minute? Would it be possible to refilm scenes with the Cobra Commander with the proper attire? If they don't, they could have a massive failure here. From the comments on that page, it looks like even non Joe fans think it looks stupid. Really, the costme wasn't that hard. I could've seen teaser posters with Cobra Commander in his original costume standing triumphantly, and the word Command above him. I'm worried abour Destro now as well. Those two are such iconic characters in the GI-Joe universe, changing one thing would alienate the fanbase. I bet Destro will ony have half of is face be silver, or a silver eye patch or something. Honestly, how could Hasbro agree to a design change this drastically on a main character? Say what you will about Micheal Bay, if he were directing, or even producing this movie, the villains wouldn't have changed a bit. Look how close he got with Optimus Prime? The only thing he changed was that he added flames to the paint job, and that even got a lot of flak. Oh, well, I'll save my money for the new Indy game that comes out the same month. I never thought I would say that abou a movie like this!
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