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Re: Lost 5x10: "He's Our You"

Not excellent, but it's Lost - so it's another piece of the puzzle.

Are we supposed to start finding the Dharma-ites unsympathetic? Their vote to kill Sayid just struck me as another step closer to coldblooded - especially Ethan's mom. (surprised she didn't raise her hand and then the baby's hand) So when the purge comes - will we shed a tear (except for Horace)?

Cool to see the guy from Blade Runner! The teepee, the victrola, the sugarcube to make Sayid trip out. Best Dharma/Others cameo since Diana Scarwid!

Ann Arbor? What's up with that? I thought the HQ on the mainland was Portland.

Y'know, Hurley finally seems happy now. That's always good to see. He's been thru a lot.
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