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Re: Lost 5x10: "He's Our You"

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To me, this episode harkened back to the days of the "art of the stall." For example, Kate's statement that she didn't know why everybody else came back but she knew why she came back. But of course she didn't go on to explain exactly what that was. Typical LOST bullshit.
It was abundantly clear to me that she was talking about Sawyer. Seemed abundantly clear to him, too.
Well I guess I"m just dense then, because it wasn't clear to me. You may be right, but I'm not convinced it's that simple, if for no other reason than we don't know what happpened to Aaron. It looks like to me there's more going on with Kate than just a desire to come back and bone Sawyer.
Actually I felt the same way. And if the director hasn't directed an episode since S1 that might help explain it.
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