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Re: Cobra Commander revealed (SPOILERS)

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Good God people get a grip! You'd think with how much stuff is leaked on the interne, you all would know already why he looks like that.

So we're, what, supposed to accept it because he's got a condition?

Howzabout this? Howzabout we don't put in the usual "let's make the villain more human" Cliche ailment and just make him the fucking BAD GUY, 'kay? How hard is that??
Thing of it is, that one of the (latter?) origins of the Commander would have been prefect for this day and age: A small business man that has a bad day-- brother killed, wife dumps him, and the IRS fucks him over-- he snaps, starts a massive pyramid scheme to fund his anti-govt. plans and actions, and as time goes on he goes from a small time militia-type nutjob to a full blown domestic and international terrorist threat.

Fucks, it's the two for one special: He's human-- he's joe every man in the current economy, and he's a major nutjob bad guy that only cares about bringing down the world govts.
Exactly! And the best part? Easy explanation for a KKK mask with eyeholes: He doesn't want people to know his identity! Period! End of Story! No Burn-victim-boy-in-the-plastic-bubble shit necessary!

Typical goddamned Hollywood Logic! "Well, normal Special Forces clothes aren't flashy enough, so let's make them all look like Batman!" "Gee, we know there's more than one Black guy on the team, but let's take a white character and make him Black instead of using one of them anyway." And now: "I was horribly burned and have to keep my face in a plastic jar so I'm gonna take over the world, so there! "

And exodus, here's why I'm being so vocal: Even though the phrase "raping my childhood" is overused by rabid fans on the 'net, when you can actually feel the metaphorical peener going in, you are obligated to say something!
"Understand, Commander: That torpedo did not self-destruct. You heard it hit the hull, and I was never here."

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