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I can't confirm any of that, but there's some publicity photos that would seem to jibe with what you're saying. Here's a more "candid" group photo that was likely taken when they took the official group photo several of the cast members look like they're laughing, and GR and Bob Wise are in the photo as well.

In addition to Stephen Collins in the gold jumpsuit and Nimoy without his collar, Shatner's wearing an interesting uniform variation a two-piece with shoulder tabs. IIRC, it was only the jumpsuits and the short-sleeved uniforms that had shoulder tabs.

Kirk/Spock/McCoy group shot. Again, no collar for Nimoy, and Shatner's got shoulder tabs. Maybe it's just the lighting or the film they shot this one on, but the uniform colors are really vibrant here.

Group shot of just the TOS cast members:

The uncropped version of the official cast shot notice the wooden beam hanging from the ceiling.
Wow - I have seen each of those shots many times before, but had never noticed the anomalous shoulder tabs on Kirk's uniforms! How cool to still see new things in ST: TMP after so many years....

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Also, I prefer Spock sans collar.
I never liked the look of the collarless Spock in any of those pictures - it just looks wrong somehow (which I'm sure is mostly down to just being used to it the other way).
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