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Re: Firefly - Joss Whedon

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7) Firefly's pitch (cowboys with spaceships) sounds completely ridiculous, and may have turned off part of the target audience at first.
Yeah, Wagon Train to the Stars...

I've had to have my arm twisted into watching Whedon shows on more than one occasion.

I didn't watch Buffy for three years just because the name sounded so stupid, and our local networks really screwed up young adult programming. They's show them as kid's TV with loads of edits, followed by a midnight uncut version on the part of the BBC. Channel 4 got Angel and they never even bothered showing them uncut, pre-empted them and gave up before the final season.

I haven't got satellite, so I missed Firefly, and watching the Serenity movie before the show seemed like a daft idea. I eventually did anyway when I found the DVD in a bargain bucket. I loved the movie, great characters, great story, but there was River kicking ass, and loads of Reavers. I thought the series would be River the Reaver Slayer, so that put me off watching the series on DVD. Until two weeks ago when I found it for 10.

It's not a Buffy reimagining. It is however the best Space Opera since the first two seasons of Star Trek. I now have a belated dislike of Fox Network Executives.
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