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Re: Bear's Finale Music

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Sucks that he's not including Razor music on the ssn 4 album I've already purchased the previous soundtracks, so basically I'm forced to buy them again in a boxset if I want the Razor soundtrack. Balls.
I'm pretty sure the box set he refers to would be entirely unreleased music. He's been talking about doing a bonus album of stuff that didn't fit on the CDs since the day the first season soundtrack came out, and a few months ago, while soliciting requests for what should be on the season 4 soundtrack, he mentioned that every year he has around half a CD's worth of music that was in his "keep" pile that was cut simply because it wouldn't fit. So the fact that he calls it a "boxed set of unreleased material" rather than a "bonus album" probably is just because he has enough for three or four bonus albums now, and not because he intends the unreleased music to be some kind of premium for a giftset of previously released material. Remember, he's a soundtrack fan, too, and so is probably disinclined to jerk the rest of us around.
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