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Re: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea (SPOILERS)

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Star Trek in general, imho should be more like Titan, about the characters and how they live together on a ship in all their diversity. TNG was my favorite TV show ever, but the TNG novels don't kick it for me at the moment, not in comparison to the Titan series. This novel certainly helped to smooth my opinion on recent Trek Lit a lot. I'm really looking forward to the next Titan installment, thank you very much Mr. Bennett and please keep up the good work!
There already was a Trek like this, it was called DS9.
Yeah I know and I fully agree I meant it in comparison to the latest Trek novels before Oats, especially the Destiny trilogy. There was so much war and destruction and despair...terrible. After the Dominion war I was fed up with these kinds of scenarios and I had hoped that Trek would once again be about exploration. The reason why I love Next Gen (only the TV Show, not the relaunch) so much is, that it always makes me think about my own behaviour, my own viewpoints and the way I deal with new people. It always had a morale in the end, which taught me something or made me re-evaluate my point of view.
Oats has reminded me of that Trek I really valued The rest of the newer Trek Lit, imho, has not much to do with what Trek stood for. At least for me, that's why I am so thoroughly disappointed by BD and Destiny and why I really like Oats.
The quality of Next Gen and DS9 (as always imo) during it's runs on TV was ber-standard compared to all the other Trek shows.
Ok, you might want to say now that Next Gen was educational and some sort of a moral sermon, but I liked this and the quiter tone of the show. I don't like the big action la Destiny, so once again, Oats was just right for me
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