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Re: Lost 5x10: "He's Our You"

Average. I don't consider it "stalling" or whatever, it's just that this season has been REALLY good and been moving at a quick pace... by comparison this one lacked punch, I thought. The whole thing was just a vehicle to get Sayid to shoot Ben and that intention was pretty clear at the end of last weeks ep.

It was, though, nice to see what happened to Sayid in that bit of time we were missing and his reason for getting on the plane. I assume we'll be seeing what happened to the other characters we're lacking detail on in the next few eps.

Re: Kate's reason... well it looked like her reason was Sawyer in this ep, but given that she was dead set on staying away and then all of a sudden she changed her mind and Aaron seemed to be missing... I don't see her not answering as stalling at all. We just won't see the answer until she gets her next flashback ep
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