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Re: Lost 5x10: "He's Our You"

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To me, this episode harkened back to the days of the "art of the stall." For example, Kate's statement that she didn't know why everybody else came back but she knew why she came back. But of course she didn't go on to explain exactly what that was. Typical LOST bullshit.
It was abundantly clear to me that she was talking about Sawyer. Seemed abundantly clear to him, too.

I'm gonna go with Above Average. This and "Namaste" were both really good but "LaFleur" set a high water mark for me this season.

The thing this week and last week had in common were Young Ben-related non-endings. Unless we've been totally bamboozled about "the rules" there's no stakes involved here. We know Ben lives to kill everyone and go on his nefarious spree through the lives of the Losties.

That said, it's forgivable because the ride is still fun as hell. Sayid episodes always rock. There were a little too many shades of Eko's childhood in the teaser but other than that the Sayid flashbacks were all cool. There was nothing earth shattering revealed but I love all that character stuff. Does Sayid think he's a bad guy? Even he's not sure. Until the end when he makes peace with it.

People always give episodes like this grief because it's all "stalling", but if Sayid goes on the war path for the rest of the season (as I think he might) none of that shit would make sense without this. Also, this is the most interesting the quadrangle's been since... well since ever, really. So that stuff's all good too. Although Kate's the weak link as usual. I hope they've got a serious redemption for her character coming up before this thing's all over.

There's more but my mind's still kind of bursting so I'll leave it for later.
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