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Re: Firefly - Joss Whedon

My wife and I just found the show not too long ago -although, interestingly, we watched the movie some time before actually watching the series on which it was based. Without knowing too much about it (although enough to get by thanks to Trek BBS) I thought it was a good action/adventure space-based film. The series, in general, might be likened to what a show based on Han Solo's character exclusively might have looked like- with a heavy "western" motif. Now that we've finished the series we plan on re-watching the movie. We thought it was a pretty good show with not too many clunkers in terms of episode quality but then again we love Buffy & Angel so we knew more or less what to expect out of Firefly in terms of how Joss writes characters and we weren't disappointed for the most part. We were disappointed when we got to the end of the series knowing that, aside from re-watching the movie, there is not likely to be any further continuation of the story AFAIK. FWIW "Ariel" (if for no other reason than Mal's "dressing down" of Jayne after learning of his betrayal of River & Simon) and "Objects in Space" are my favorite episodes from the series. Honorable mention for hilarity goes to "Our Ms. Reynolds" and its follow up episode with Saffron.
Oh, and Inara was HOT!
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