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Re: Fitness Checkin

Had a rough run Saturday. Was supposed to do 4 hours and ~20miles. It was my first time running trails (my big thing) in a couple of months, so I was pretty excited. However, I made two huge mistakes. One, I had forgotten how much different trails are from dirt roads... 20 miles on dirt roads are nothing, but they won't get you ready for 20miles on trails. Second, I accidentally got caught up in the excitement of being out there again, and started off way, way, way too fast. In the end, I only ended up pulling 11 miles and 3 hours. I'm still pretty thrashed from it.

This weekend, I'm going to Moab, Utah with my mom. She's trying to do the 24 hours of Utah race solo, and is going to have me come out and pace her during the night. It should be a pretty fun time.
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