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Re: Lost 5x10: "He's Our You"

Like "The Economist" before it, I'm only gonna give it 3 out of 4 stars despite the fact that Sayid is one of my favorite characters.

The episode just didn't feel very revelatory or exciting. It was very old-school LOST even replete with the symbolic childhood flashback. The only thing we really learned was a bit more about Ilana, who turns out to be boring and unimportant to the greater scheme of things. Also, the end of his assassin relationship with Ben was similarly disappointing and just there.

I think the other problem I have with this and the Economist is that it makes Sayid too self-guessing and weak. I treasure his character for being so cool and decisive and unhesitating. Either that or his lady straight hair

I didn't like the way Sayid went on this whole unnecessary S1-Sawyer-esque routine of self punishing himself by acting as a bad guy for Dharma to torture. I didn't like seeing this in Sayid.

I was expecting to get more stuff with Young Ben and Sayid, but what there was was good. I didn't know Roger was going to be in the episode so that was a nice suprise, and I liked Sayid's reaction to seeing Lil' Ben getting beaten up.

While I really like the two previous Dharma episodes, this one just didn't feel as much "fun". I guess because we didn't really learn anything new.
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