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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

I just started reading "A Singular Destiny" and I've been picturing Bruce Davison as Professor Sonek Pran.

And while I can't remember the character's name, you remember in "Section 31: Abyss" that rogue scientist who was breeding his own Jem'Hadar? I always thought that would be a good role in which to finally bring admitted Trekkie Tom Hanks into the Star Trek universe.

Commander Cavit said:
I've seen Richard Burton and Richard Harris be both. Some men are so full of greatness that even their halfbaked efforts have a grandeur to them.
Agreed. For further examples, I offer Marlon Brando as Jor-El in Superman.

Ayelbourne wrote: View Post
Nan Bacco: I can't help but picture future Admiral Janeway from Voyagers "Endgame"
Agreed. At least, that's who I see whenever I'm reminded of how old she is.

Darth_Pazuzu said:
How about John Cameron Mitchell as Burgoyne 172 from New Frontier?
Wasn't he one of the guys in "Space Mutiny" of MST3K fame?

Doctor Phlox wrote: View Post
Razuur2 said:
Treir - Tricia Helfer with green skin...
Me too!

And Bowers is black!?
I agree about Helfer as Treir.

As for Bowers, I'm surprised too. But then, for a while, I thought Sam Bowers was a woman. And in the bits I've been reading from "A Singular Destiny," I've been picturing Lt. Carey from Voyager.

Haval_Runa wrote: View Post
We've seen "black" Vulcans
...on Super Friends!
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