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Re: Firefly - Joss Whedon

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I think Firefly was the only Joss Whedon show that I could stand to watch.
I agree. He is so much for the teen audience. Firefly was the only show of his that I believe had some maturity. Angel some what... He loves using mature actress, Gina Torres but I don't think any of the other actors he likes to come back to once the reach 19 years of age. I can't take watching much of Dollhouse after watching Sarah Connor where all the "on the run and hiding out" characters look like they make time to keep their weekly salon appointments. Although that's a Josh Friedman production it makes a back to back two hour teen action night too much. They should have placed NBC's Knight Rider on with that line up. Speaking of the new Knight Rider, the car with limitless possibilities. Didn't someone say that absolute power corrupts absolutly? Its no fun watching a car that can be anything from a tank to a boat and anything in between. OK off my teen action series soapbox.
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