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Re: Anybody want books/additional media about life on "Earth?"

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Look, you can really postulate whether everyone gave up their tech or whether a small group just said "Fuck....errr....Frak Lee Adama. I don't want to die because I get Tuberculosis".
Yes, because if there's one thing that'll protect the Colonials from lung diseases, its building a city and recreating a technological society on an uninhabited planet. Except for how, that time they did build a city and attempt to recreate a technological society, Sam Anders almost died of pneumonia.

I would've actually let that one slide if you stuck with malaria, but it was just too tempting a callback.
How about medications and hospitals help cure diseases? I think that's a simple enough point. They specifically mentioned that folks were left with "only the clothes on their backs". Even if they carried a short supply of meds, without manufacturing technology, they would be out in a short span of time.
These would be the same medicines they ran out of on New Caprica, despite their magnificent city, right?
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