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By the way, going back 2 pages or so now. I tried the egg trick and it worked like a charm,the only problem is that I can never seem to find a rotten egg, and the only place I know a chicken spawns he always craps out a white or a brown, never a golden egg.
In chapter 3-1 there is an island in the middle of the giant lake thats filled with chickens. You have a decent chance of getting one there. Ive also seen 2 gold eggs spawn in the section of that level where you have to do the assist toss in order to get the door plate. That being said, In 6 full play throughs and 2 partial play throughs, I've only seen the golden egg spawn 3 or 4 times. Rotten eggs are a little easier to get but they arent all that common either and you seem to have to get them from enemies or snakes

Ooh, playing Professional now with basic guns and no unlimited ammo WITH the AI. Got to 2-2 and I'm shitting my pants.
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