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Re: Bear's Finale Music

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I have to say, this part of Bear's blog really stood out:

In an unprecedented move, the producers and I each pitched in personally to make [affording the orchestra] happen. We all pooled our resources together because we knew how important the full orchestra would be to Daybreak. The orchestra you’re hearing in this episode would not be there without the combined contributions and efforts of Ron Moore, David Eick, Jane Espenson, Michael Taylor, Bradley Thompson, David Weddle, Todd Sharp, Paul M. Leonard, myself and several others.
Wow, it seems like as if the producers and Bear himself paid for the orchestra from their own pocket in order to make the music as epic as they could. It just shows the love that all these guys had for the show.

Now that is dedication!! RDM never mentioned that bit in his podcast. I am glad he slipped in the original BSG theme, and the vfx guys copied the fleet shot from the original series.

Look how far Galactica has come, the original had a casino planet, the new one had strip clubs.

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