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Re: Bear's Finale Music

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Aaaaaand I still want the "B-sides", some of the tracks from previous seasons not on CD yet... I recall some music cues from Lay Down Your Burdens I'd love to have on my iPod. I hope they still bring out a "Bonus" CD.
Well, the idea is still apparently in his head.
Originally posted by Bear McCreary
As of this writing, my plan is to produce a 2-CD ALBUM. The first disc would cover He That Believeth through Islanded in a Stream of Stars. The second disc would basically just be Daybreak. Im thinking that cues from Razor and The Plan would be included in an upcoming box-set of unreleased material. Im not opposed to putting a few choice Razor cuts on the Season 4 album, but honestly, theres so much incredible music from the other episodes, my gut instinct is to hold on to Razor for a separate release.
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