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To date, I've played almost every Resident Evil game that has been released (with the exception of Resident Evil 1.5), and I must say, if Capcom wanted to make one last great game in the Resident Evil franchise, they needed to keep some things from previous games.

I remember the first time I played Resident Evil 1 on the PS1, I was about 8 years old and played it around my sisters house with her boyfriend, and it scared the shit out of me. The Resident Evil games that have been released now, don't scare me so much anymore, but then again I'm 21 now, and my tolerence for horror games and films has gone right up because I played Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3 at such a young age.

But when it comes to change, I would honestly rather play alone than have a CPU partner with me, it's a good idea, but I just like getting things done on my own and not have to worry if she's running near a barrell I want to explode and I haven't come to a checkpoint in a while.

Also the typewriters, why take them away? It still worked in Resident Evil 4, it worked in every other Resident Evil game, why not this one? I prefered playing the game and saving whenever I wanted to, I like having a challenge in a Resident Evil game of not saving through the entire game (although granted, Resident Evil 5 has A LOT of 1 hit kill monsters which can be frustrating). The same with the inventory system from Resident Evil 4 was revolutionary and I thought if anything they would want to keep that as much as they could, they could have still assigned the D-pad to work with what they wanted, albeit it would have been slighty different.

Also, I know it's slightly petty, but where/who the hell am I selling all these artifacts and buying weapons from? Atleast RE4 explained this (in a very comical style).

Lol, it's off topic slightly, but at the very end of the game when Jill looks at Chris when before he says it was worth saving, doesn't she look fuck ugly? I mean jesus she was fit in the third game, and had some bags under her eyes in the remake of 1, but she just looks horrid in this game.
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