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Re: Top 10 funniest episodes

I did/do enjoy the funny ones, though 10 seems more than I recall as actual comedies. Let's see what can be arranged, from most amusing downward...

Overall comedy:
1. The Trouble with Tribbles
2. A Piece of the Action
3. I, Mudd

Some funny elements:
4. Mudd's Women (the "pimp in space" aspect, the crew's reaction to the women, and Mudd's amusing characteristics)
5. By Any Other Name (Scotty's scotch and the kissing apology)
6. The Squire of Gothos (Trelane's foppishness, when not being threatening)
7. Shore Leave (light-hearted in places)
8. Assignment: Earth (Isis-identity humor along with a flummoxed Roberta Lincoln)

9. Spock's Brain (possibly unintentional)
10. Turnabout Intruder ("Janice Kirk's" preening/hysteria)
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