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Re: "the music" was well used/explained IMO

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Well, I was hugely disappointed with the music in the finale. It was way too subtle, bothing stood out unlike previous episodes such as Exodus Pt 2 or Revelations.

I really *really* hated the fact they used the 1978 music to help guide Galactica to her fate. This show has grown beyond the original. Bringing it back then only reminded us this show is borne from another show, and it was just unnecessary.

It felt like Bear had taken a break for this last episode. Really did.
You're so wrong. I mean, the music certainly didn't hit you over the head like Crossroads, Revelations, Sometimes a Great Notion, or Someone to Watch Over Me... but music isn't supposed to do that all the time.

If you pay attention to the subtleties in the score for Daybreak, you'll notice a lot of creativity, callbacks to previous themes, mash ups, remixes, and some totally new stuff.
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