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Re: Firefly - Joss Whedon

There is not many western type settings in a space exploration science fiction TV series. Why did Joss Whedon's "Firefly" end after only one season? Did anyone else like that show? I can't find a forum for this show. I thought it was a great change up from the neat starfleet concepts. It spawned the "Serenity" movie sequels so what happened to the TV series?
1)It was badly promoted. The promo's promised something quirky and funny. What they got was something way different.

2)They ditched the 2 hour premiere in favor of the second episode, which screwed up the viewing order.

3)They put it on Friday's, which very few people watch TV on Fridays.

4)It was way too expensive for how much little money it made.

5)It was on Fox. Rupert and his boys are ruthless, cutthroat bastards. So if something isn't a hit right of the bat then they cancel it.

6)Genre TV is a niche market that does well on cable, but usually bombs on network TV. Network TV is the viewing place of the average, American, moron. So Reality Shows, Crime-Investigation Shows, and Generic Sitcom's will always be watched before anything new a different.
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