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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Maneuvers (***)

I enjoyed this episode even though it does have some problems. It starts with a pretty neat battle which ends with a Kazon shuttle ramming into Voyager and sending a boarding party through the breach. That's pretty cool, I don't remember seeing anything like that in Trek before. That's some pretty severe damage right there, I doubt Voyager will be able to fix that by next week.

Oh wait, it is fixed ten minutes into the episode. Minus half a star.

Janeway decides that she absolutely must retrieve the transporter module that the Kazon stole, which is a decision which I'm not too sure about. I can understand not wanting to upset the balance of power but it's not like as if it is an important component and sometimes you just need to cut your losses rather than run into an obvious trap. What I do like though is that Chakotay makes a unilateral decision to go after Seska for personal reasons. I like this, Chakotay is showing some real balls here (which is something he would have shown in Tattoo if the camera had been placed at a different angle).

Here is my next problem; Chakotay destroys the transporter module while delivering a shuttle with transporter technology aboard it (as evidenced by Chakotay himself using it). He explains this away by saying that he deleted the shuttle's memory before he transported, so clearly the transporter on the shuttle still worked after what he did and deleting software wouldn't affect the transporter hardware which is what the Kazon wanted. He should have set the thing to auto-destruct after he beamed out, but then the shuttle destruction counter would have gone up even more.

There is a good interrogation scene where Chakotay gets the crap beat out of him and he just laughs. I enjoyed that, it helps make the Kazon look like the vicious enemy they are supposed to be and I felt Beltran played it quite well. Then the end does botch a few things by having them transporting with the shields up and they forgot to demand Seska be handed over to Voyager's custody when they have the Kazon leaders captured. Well they probably wont meet her again, so I bet they don't live to regret that desicion.

This is a pretty good episode despite its logical flaws in the execution. If they had spent a little more time figuring out the script this could have been a 5 star episode.
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