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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

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Hello everyone! I am a nurse (LPN) and have two children, and I've been a Star Trek fan for many years now.

In TNG, I've always related more to Deanna Troi than any other characters. I am very much like her personality-wise (but unfortunately I don't share her appearance. ). Over the years I have come to believe her character was rather poorly utilized in the show, so I can no longer say she is a favorite.

It's hard to pick a favorite TNG character because part of what made that show work so much is the strong chemistry between them all. One didn't really shine over another, the entire cast work well together. They are all excellent actors as well, as we see from the holodeck episodes where they
take on different characters.
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Some people call VGR's last Episode "EndShame"
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