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I'm in agreement with you. I prefer the older style of the series and wish that they could make a return to that. Resident Evil games used to actually scare me, and actually make me think before I acted. Now they're just action games. Very very good action games, but still nowhere near the same kind of game that the series once was.
I agree about this one. If I had never played a Resident Evil game I'd think it was scary. I'd say this game is intense, not scary. Resident Evil 4 was so intense it was scary. There was some really freaky moments in that one. That opening scene alone, when the entire village attacks you, made me crap my myself.

So far I've played to the helicopter crash. It's a decent game. But I'd compare this one, so far anyway, to Resident Evil 3 to RE4's RE2. Both 2 and 4 were such innovations of gaming, such leaps and bounds ahead of it's predecessors, such achievements of the visual narrative, that the follow up just seemed like more of the same. Because, to me, it's just Resident Evil 4 with nicer graphics and a less creepy setting. Just goes to show that if you want a decent RE game, go with Chris and Jill. But if you want an amazing RE game, go with Leon and Claire.

Because if Leon's in it, then it's guaranteed to have Ada in it as well. Another plus in Leon's column.

I think it was good that they made the partner not nearly as annoying as they usually are in games. Most of the time, they're just there to be saved at the expense of fun, like Ashley who was the weakest part of RE4. Sheva can handle herself and doesn't need saving every 3 seconds, which is good. However they really needed more combat commands for her other then Cover(i.e. stand back and blow through all my handgun ammo like Chow Yun Fat) and Attack( i.e. run in like a maniac and get killed and waste all my shotgun ammo while you do it). Other then that I have no problem.

The inventory system is awful and makes me long for the simplicity of the magically connecting trunks in the save room. Only being able to access your inventory after a section is so frustrating. Combined with the autosave, where if you screw up you can't go back to a previous save and correct it, it's enough to make one give up on the game. I don't know why some people seem to like it.
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